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No Accounting for Taste

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This is hilarious, really.

WordPress says I have 1000 followers now.

Which translates to about 60 people who might actually read my stuff once in a while.

The rest are folks who want me to come vacation in Bali, or help me make money (so kind), or want to improve my writing (excuse me?).  There are the followers who don’t speak English (at least they don’t blog in English), but I guess they might like to look at the pictures.  Then, there are the followers whose blogs use English words in ways the English language never envisioned.  Bless those random generators!  Or the really mysterious followers who don’t have a blog, or a profile, or can’t find their blog or their profile, or simply don’t exist at all.  These must be my Virtual Followers.

There are the real head-scratchers—followers who write only sports reviews or post gangsta photography, the right-wing Republicans and rabid religious, the mechanics and race car drivers (I guess they could be manic…).  I was particularly fond of the East African Gossip blog follower.  There’s nothing like inspiring folks who post misogynistic girl-hate.   And how is it that the fashionistas keep following me?  Do I exude an air of chic cool through my fingertips?  Awesome!

I love that writers and poets, folks with mental illness, folks in and out of my generation have found me.  I love that other artists like my stuff enough to want to see more.  I love that real people still keep finding me and sticking around to chat.  I love that some of them have become my friends.

Still, wouldn’t it be nice if WordPress gave us a button to trim out the followers who aren’t really followers?   But maybe I’m being hasty.  All those folks who want to grow my social media standing might just be my target audience.

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