20 Days of Valentines—Day 8

A Certain Magic

This bit of magic and more on Etsy.  Click the image to find it.

20 Days of Valentines—Day 7

Naughty Morsel

Click this morsel to find her and more naughtiness on Etsy.

20 Days of Valentines—Day 6

You Always Hurt

Mr. Hurt-So-Good is waiting for you at Etsy.  Just click on him.

20 Days of Valentines—Day 5



20 Days of Valentines—Day 4

Suit Up

Gird those loins.


20 Days of Valentines—Day 3

One Who Loves You


20 Days of Valentines—Day 2

Suck it Up


20 Days of Valentines—Day 1

Western Romance

As always, this is available in my Etsy shop.  Just click the image to go there.


14 Days of Valentines—What Do Women Want

homemade greeting cards, collage art, Valentines, love

This, of course, is the internal dialogue of most men today.  Good luck, fellas.

May everyone survive the day unscathed and deeply loved.

14 Days of Valentines—Love Camp

homemade greeting cards, collage art, Valentine


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