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Yesterday, the number of subscribers here topped 400.  That’s pretty cool, considering how specialized this blog is.  As Peg of Peg-O-Leg’s Ramblings said of A Mind Divided,  “OK, OK, I know what you’re thinking, but don’t run away – it’s not like that.   There’s anguish there sometimes, but usually it’s leavened with humor.”

Folks come to their blog readers to be entertained, to be uplifted, to share their interests and passions.  Falling down a mental illness rabbit hole is probably not on their List of Things to Do for the day.  So, I get what a chance Peg took in inviting me be a guest writer on a humor blog.  And why she had to verbally bar the doors to keep her readers from bolting.  Insanity is an acquired taste.

Like everyone else who blogs, I look at the numbers.  When I was submitting artwork to Illustration Friday, I had more viewers—other artsy folk dropping by to see my work.  I haven’t submitted for a long time, so of course those views dropped.  Simple cause and effect.  And then Kana over at Kana’s Chronicles taught me how to add secret tags to my photos and artwork.  Again, a lot more views, but probably by people looking for gossip about Robert Downey Jr, not fan fiction about The Avengers.  But I figured traffic was traffic and, maybe, one of the Trekkers passing by might stick around.  Not that we Trekkers are nut-jobs… necessarily.

Over the past year, I’ve noticed that most of my new subscribers are either selling something, or maintain sites in Farsi or Urdu (which means they’re probably selling something), or don’t have any content (which is a little creepy).  Darla at She’s a Maineiac noticed this trend, too, so I didn’t feel singled out.  Swarmy seems to be upping everyone’s readership.  Another reason not to take numbers too seriously.

And yet, this 400 number has heft.  Maybe it’s because of all the thoughtful, intelligent and truly kind people I’ve met on this blog.  There are enlightened beings on this planet, and many of them check in here from time to time.  Maybe it’s because popular blogs have thousands of subscribers.  I know that makes no sense, to compare my numbers to theirs.  But a person really has to want to come here and wade through my craziness.  I found a niche and a few others found it, too.

So, what’s the big deal about hitting 400 readers?  Nothing really.  It’s just a number inflated by all kinds of unmanageable fluff.  The big deal is you.  And I thank you from the bottom of my bloggy heart for taking a chance with this site and sticking around.  For being one of my true numbers.

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