Huh. Okay.

Musical SawA few weeks ago, as I papered this space with handiwork from my little studio, I got an odd request from a self-proclaimed fan named Heba at  She liked my collaged cards, and my blog, and asked me to write a piece for them about using art as therapy.  Not sure about what I was being asked to do, I explored PlusGuidance a little bit.

It’s a hip sort of site with lots of moving parts and graphics.  But the most interesting part is that folks can get online counseling or guidance.  There’s a section for articles and news about mental health issues.  Another section is more of a clubhouse for members to hang out and chat.

I thought, “Cool!” and sent them a piece called The Art of Distraction.

Thanks, Heba, and all the cool, hip folks at PlusGuidance for asking me to be a part of the club.

(Update: 7/25/20. no longer exists, and they never did get back to me about the article.  Oh, well…

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