Optimistic Wednesday

I’ve developed a little routine for Wednesdays…usually.  I swim at the fitness center, drive to Tahlequah (about 40 minutes away), and make art at the Drip Coffee Lab until my therapist appointment.  Today, I’m barely dragging and already cancelled with my therapist.  Such is the bipolar life.

Anyhoo, I thought I’d add to the routine by making Wednesdays my day to post a new Penny Positive.  At least I can do that much today.


Big Penny Positive #41

*Click*Click*  I’m out of Positive Ammo.  I’ll make more once I get my 2019 calendar finished.





Big Penny Positive #40


Big Penny Positive #39


Big Penny Positive #38


Big Penny Positive #37


Big Penny Positive #36


(Thanks to Tracy Moore for the googly eyes)


Big Penny Positive #35


Big Penny Positive #34


Big Penny Positive #33


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