Joyous Mothers’ Day

I’m a little late with my wishes, O Moms of the Blogosphere, but heartfelt all the same.  Hope your day was filled with bowing and scraping from your offspring.

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She Survived

I can’t stop thinking about Lara Logan today.

This past Sunday on 60 Minutes, the foreign correspondent for CBS told her story about being beaten and sexually attacked by a mob in Cairo.  This happened during the celebration around President Hosni Mubarak’s resignation.  I’ve always admired Ms. Logan for her courage in dangerous situations, getting to the heart of a story and never backing down.  Listening to her objective account of the mob’s vicious attack, how she believed she would die, and then being rescued by a group of Egyptian women was horrifying.  But, Logan’s courage and strength shone through her pain.

Logan’s two tiny children waiting for her at home fueled her drive to survive the nightmare.  Like women all over the world, she did what she had to do to stay alive.  For her children.

As Mothers’ Day approaches, I invite everyone who ever had a mother, sister, wife or daughter to send love and healing to the women across our planet who suffer humiliation, injury and death at the hands of men.  May they know peace.  May we know peace.

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