Focus on Gratitude: Day 6

handmade greeting card, collage artWhen I reach into the grab-bag of qualities that I was given by Providence (if Providence can be said to have a warped sense of humor), what I’m most grateful for is my imagination.  Yesterday in my therapy session with Megan, she reminded me that without my imagination as a child, I would have become a very different person—one that may not have survived this long.

And the way I use my dreams and stories now as an adult give my body and my brain real experiences of joy, nurturing, protection and love.  When it’s too difficult or dangerous to seek those things in the outside world, my imagination creates them for me.  Biochemically, the experiences are the same, or so nearly so that I receive all the benefits.

How marvelous!  How magical!  What we think, how we feel, really does create our reality.  It makes me feel like one of Tolkien’s IshtariSandra the Mauve.  Hmm.  Could be the beginning of a story…

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