Focus on Gratitude: Day 8

iPodI know I gush about music.  It is truly one of the things that makes my life worth living.  When I bought an old-sytle iPod a couple of years ago, it was like winning the lottery.  I made a little carrier for it out of old socks and a shoelace so I could have my music everywhere—on my walks, in the truck, at the movies during that awful pre-show junk.  I sling that thing over my neck and rock.

But the most important part about carrying my music around is being able to sing along with it.  I’ve been told I have a fair voice, but even if I sounded like a chainsaw, I’d still belt it out with Adele and Bonnie Raitt.  It makes me feel good.  Singing pulls in oxygen, much like exercise.  It releases endorphins.  It’s a natural anti-depressant.  I firmly believe I started singing as a youngster to self-medicate.  Hells, yeah.

Yesterday, I felt like crap.  I’m at that point in a long bout of lung crud where there’s a kind of relapse—laryngitis, hot and cold flashes, endless coughing, general body funk.  So I went to see Desolation of Smaug again to cheer myself up a little.  As the credits rolled, everyone left (Cretins!  How dare they not stay to see who the Scenic Artist Foreman was!), and Ed Sheeran’s theme song started.

Alone in the theater, I sat up and belted it out in my croaky voice (because, of course, I have the song memorized).  When Ed hit the chorus, “I see fire…” I was on a roll—harmonizing and warbling, getting all those endorphins flowing.  And when the song ended, I sighed in contentment.

I looked over to get my coat and saw a man standing at the end of my aisle—mouth open.  He slowly lifted his hands and applauded.

Hells, yeah!

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