And Now For Something Completely Different…

(Gosh, Monty Python fits Everywhere)

Last month a magazine put out by our local paper sent a reporter and photographer to my house to interview me about my art.  This was wildly unexpected, but turned out to be a fun day.  Anytime I can talk about my art and what it means to me is a Good Day.

The article came out in Green Country Living on Sunday (“Green Country” is what this part of Oklahoma is called).  At yoga class on Monday, lots of the ladies beamed at me and said they’d enjoyed the piece.  I hadn’t seen it, but my yoga teacher brought her copy for me (It came out as a Sunday supplement).

The story was pretty lame, considering all the things the writer and I talked about, but the photography was lovely.  I’m glad to have these professionally staged shots of my work.  That makes the unfortunate prose worth it.

If you really want to read the article (starting on page 60), you can do that here, but I’d give it a pass.


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