Back at the Table

It’s been a long while since I sat at the studio table and fiddled with my piles of art fodder.  All I’ve been able to do for several months is doodle in my art journal—which is exactly what I needed to dissipate the anxiety and bipolar flares brought on by moving.

Spreading out in my new digs means using the living room as my studio, with a whole wall in the kitchen devoted to wet work (not the CIA/NSA kind).  All the supplies in the photo at right used to be crammed onto that little shelf unit on the far left and in the containers on the table.  How did I do that?

I’d become an expert in carving out space in my little 450 square foot apartment and fitting everything together like a jigsaw puzzle.  So much so that arrangement is still a little wonky here.  New space, new jigsaw.

I sent for an IKEA file cabinet and a two-drawer unit to sit on top.  Now I can file new techniques I want to try.  All the books I rip pages out of sit together.  All my vintage photos are within arms reach.

But, I didn’t christen the Studio for a long while.  And I didn’t worry about it.  Eventually, the stress would ease.  Eventually, the bits and bobs I love would call to me.

Of course they did.  And I went back to making the larger versions of my Penny Positives—little collage pieces on 3.5 X 2.5 playing cards. This morning I took pictures of the thirteen I’ve finished and put them in my Etsy shop.

It was a grunt.  Mornings used to be my most productive time, but I’m still struggling with early morning depression and thick mental fog.  Most days, that lifts.  Sometimes not.  But, I’m determined to tick one, small task off my To Do list each day and to reinforce a new routine.  Hard work, but necessary.

So, for anyone who was waiting for me to make those Penny Positive cards, there are a few in my Etsy shop now and more on the way.

Bit by bit, breath by breath, life, work and my mental shenanigans are finding their way back to the Table.


A Little Something

When rapid cycling hits like this, I always feel like a hot mess.  The reality is never as bad as it feels inside, but sometimes that Truth is hard to find.  It helps to have a little something to show for my time.

I finished my Solstice Cards and got them sent out—a project that took two months exactly.  After a big project, I always feel at loose ends anyway.  With the bipolar stuff added on this time, I’m pretty goofy.  So, I tried to make a few cards for my Etsy site this weekend.  I haven’t done that in a while, and it helped.

My “Star Trek Line” isn’t hugely popular, but they make me happy.  That’s all that matters right now.  I’ll get these added to the inventory a little later today, but wanted to share—to prove that I’m still me inside the hot mess.

Double Ah


Daddy Issues

14 Days of Valentines—What Do Women Want

homemade greeting cards, collage art, Valentines, love

This, of course, is the internal dialogue of most men today.  Good luck, fellas.

May everyone survive the day unscathed and deeply loved.

14 Days of Valentines—Love Camp

homemade greeting cards, collage art, Valentine


14 Days of Valentines—Of Course

homemade greeting cards, collage art, Valentine


14 Days of Valentines—Rest of Time

handmade greeting cards, collage art, Valentine

It’s still not too late to snap up these marvelous valentines for your own sweetie!

14 Days of Valentines—Oscar Wilde

homemade greeting card, collage art, Valentine

Purchased by Tamrah Jo.  Thanks ever so!

14 Days of Valentines—Saved By Love

handmade greeting card, collage art, Valentine

Save even more here.

14 Days of Valentines—By the Dozen

handmade greeting cards, collage art, Valentine

Even cheaper here.

Focus on Gratitude: Day 2

To pass the time between naps, I’ve been working on my Solstice cards.  This is my one holiday indulgence—making my own cards and sending them out to about 70 people.  Old friends, new friends, people I admire, people I love—the list changes every year, which makes it so much fun.

Over the years of doing mixed-media artwork, I’ve found some incredible supplies.  As I worked on my cards yesterday, I was struck grateful by two of them.  Be Creative® Tape is acid-free, double-sided, heat-resistant and the strongest thing I’ve ever seen.  Quietfire Design stocks several widths, but I’m particularly grateful for the 3mm (shown in the photo).  This is the perfect size to adhere a single line of type.  Since I love cutting captions out of magazines and using them in offensive and inappropriate ways, finding this size tape made being naughty so much easier.

This 3mm size is also perfect for adhering ColorKissedSingles‘ hand-dyed silk cords.  I’ve shown Old Pennies, Tutti-Frutti and Lost Island in the photo, but I must have at least three-dozen different cords.  They are luscious, blended colors, some bright, some muted, perfect for layering with other fibers and ribbons.  I love layers.  And I love teeny things.  So these dainty strings of color make my mouth water and spur my creativity.

I found ColorKissedSingles on Etsy while setting up my own shop.  Their stock changes all the time (as hand-made items are wont to do), so I’ve learned not to get too attached to a particular item.  Woe was me when I couldn’t get the cord or silk ribbon I wanted for my cards!  But I found substitutes easy enough.  And Canadian-based Quietfire Designs is a full-range, mixed-media arts supply shop, so if I need something funkier than Archivers or Hobby Lobby, they’re my go-to supplier.  So, while I’m oh-so grateful for the tape and cords, I’m even more thankful for Suzanne at Quietfire and Tammy and Dan at ColorKissedSingles—lovely people passionate about helping the rest of us do gorgeous work.

If I just stop to think about it, I have so very much to be grateful for.

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