The OMG! Mystery Card

I’m feeling like a challenge. Yesterday was a hard day, but that was yesterday. (It’s the beauty of rapid cycling—nothing lasts long.) So I added a different kind of listing to my Etsy shop this morning, and I’m excited to see if anyone goes for it.

Basically, I create a card based on whatever info the customer wants to tell me—like a custom order with overtones of mystic mojo. I don’t know if it will be a regular-sized card, a Penny Positive, or a Teeny. Or maybe I’ll dream up something new.

It’s exciting. And a little scary—which is exactly what I need today. It’s been a while since I stepped out of my Comfort Zone, so this is overdue and also good for the brain. And I’m all for finding new ways to keep my brain happy.

Here’s the link, in case you’d like to take a chance with me.

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