The Weekly Penny Positive


Happy Irish Day

To all my Dickenson-Pierce witchy cousins, the fiery Celtic Warriors, the immigrants’ sturdy offspring and all our cousins in the Homeland.

The Weekly Penny Positive


The Weekly Penny Positive




Emmett is done breakfasting for the moment, his fresh bowl of moist food sampled, ready for him when he returns, now that he is sure of it.

The furnace clicks off after smoothing out the early morning chill.

The shades are up, inviting the gray light that creeps color into the ribbons on my door, the pens in my cup.

Birds warble far away, filtered by thin walls, thin glass.

The day opens.  I will not rush to fill it.  I will allow the quiet.  And breathe.

Pouring Icky a Cup of Tea

My therapist and I have embarked on a different form of therapy.  It’s a combination of hypnosis and guided imagery to help me desensitize to traumatic memories.  She warned me that I might leave our sessions feeling worse for a while.   She was right.

Still, I’m optimistic and, as always, game to try something new that might up the quality of my life.  Feeling icky is nothing new.  Icky and I are old friends.  I know how to shake its hand and pour it a cup of tea.  The possibility of feeling better is an incredible motivator, even if I can’t feel the motivation right this minute.  All I can do right now is put the kettle on and go back to see my therapist next week.

I’m still on the Adventure.

The Weekly Penny Positive


The Weekly Penny Positive


The OMG! Mystery Card

I’m feeling like a challenge. Yesterday was a hard day, but that was yesterday. (It’s the beauty of rapid cycling—nothing lasts long.) So I added a different kind of listing to my Etsy shop this morning, and I’m excited to see if anyone goes for it.

Basically, I create a card based on whatever info the customer wants to tell me—like a custom order with overtones of mystic mojo. I don’t know if it will be a regular-sized card, a Penny Positive, or a Teeny. Or maybe I’ll dream up something new.

It’s exciting. And a little scary—which is exactly what I need today. It’s been a while since I stepped out of my Comfort Zone, so this is overdue and also good for the brain. And I’m all for finding new ways to keep my brain happy.

Here’s the link, in case you’d like to take a chance with me.

The Pointy End

Most days, the amphetamine I take for Binge Eating Disorder lifts the depression end of my Bipolar stick.  It will feel like a Lost Day when I wake up in the morning, but then the Vyvanse kicks in and functionality returns.

Other days, like today, the drug doesn’t do a thing.

Weird that.  But drugs and their supposed effects are weird and ephemeral.  And there’s no accounting for the weirdness of brain chemistry.  Or the weather.  Or Mercury’s pull on the tides.

All I can do is shift my stick into low gear and jettison any plans I might have made.  Self-care becomes the priority.

The most important thing is to avoid beating myself with the Stick, and to keep the pointy end aimed elsewhere.  Let that be a warning.

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