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”You know the where and when?” 

Steve nodded, his jaw muscles bunching, his eyes avoiding hers by fussing with the cuff connects of his time-jump suit. 

Amy looked past him to Bucky, silence, grief and worry in his dark face. But he winked at her and said to Steve, “I’ll wait outside. This could get ugly.” 

She watched him push through to the bright green woods, screen door banging behind him, Sam calling from a distance. 

Bucky disappeared into the trees, and she looked up at Steve.  “I’m so happy you’re doing this.” 

The sadness she saw in him when they first met owned every bit of him now. So much loss, so much grief. His handsome face had become haggard, exhausted, grim. He couldn’t let himself hope. And yet, he was going. 

“It’s been my dream for you,” she added. 

He looked at her then, his eyes tearing. “In spite of everything?” 

“Because of everything, you dope.” 

His mouth quirked as Amy hoped it would. “You’ve been hanging around Bucky too much.” 

“Yes, I have. Come here.” 

Amy opened her arms and gathered him in. It had been a long time since the mass of his body grounded her. She was glad it still did. 

“Go get her,” she whispered in his ear. 

He kissed her quick and was out the door. She followed to the screen, heard them all talking beyond her sight, then a POP and silence. One moment. Two. Longer. Sam yelling and Bruce’s voice getting ready to roar. Then, so quietly she almost missed it, Bucky said, “Sam…Sam…”

Amy breathed in and out, her hands on her belly, and smiled.

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