Technical Consultant

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Richard Armitage, fiction

A while back, I dreamed I was on Oprah, promoting my bestselling memoir, when Richard Armitage showed up.  He wanted to hire me as his technical consultant to prepare to play a bipolar character.  The dream stuck in my head (as tasty dreams tend to do), so I had to make a story out of it.

At first it was just a pleasant fantasy, a way to get more Richard Armitage into my daily life.  But, I’ve always intended to write a novel with a bipolar heroine, so I figured I might as well practice with this bit of fantasy.  But as the story developed, I realized this might be that novel.

It’s never a good idea to post parts of a novel in progress.  As I learned with Callinda, sometimes the whole thing needs to get scrapped and taken in a different direction.  But I think of this blog as an extension of my notebook, a place to try out ideas and see how they fly.  So I did that with the first five chapters.  Then, I took a trip to London to see Richard in a stage production of “The Crucible” and everything changed.

I still love Technical Consultant for its Heaving Bosom potential, but I realized I wanted to tell a story more based in reality.  So, I’ve stopped with the five chapters posted here and moved on to something more gritty and heartbreaking for my Bipolar Heroine.  Maybe that will make its way here, maybe not.  I have a feeling that story will take me a long time to write.  We’ll see.

At any rate, I hope you enjoy this bit of fan-girling.  To read the first chapter of Technical Consultant, An Unexpected Journey, click here.

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