The Case of the Fire Door

This story came about when I was seriously ill with bronchitis and searching for something—anything—to comfort me in the slightest.  What better than the old fanfic trope of Hurt/Comfort, the plot device that throws characters together when one is hurt and in need of the other’s comfort.

Contrived, yes.  Hackneyed, absolutely.  Cliché, no question.  But, if the comforter is Dr. John Watson, rewritten by BBC Sherlock pens to be both fiercely loyal and compassionate as well as steely-eyed and an adrenaline junkie, might there not be a chance of originality to the stereotype?

Maybe.  And maybe this story is just my fan-girl way of putting up with a barking cough and Kleenex overload by cuddling up to Martin Freeman.  It worked for me.

I wrote these stories (there are a few more) before the third season of Sherlock where Mary Morstan is introduced into the series.  She is played  by Martin Freeman’s real-life partner, Amanda Abbington, who is perfect in every way (in my humble opinion).  My Mary Morstan is nothing like the “official” Mary (except that John adores her).  So, think of these stories as an Alternate Universe Sherlock.

Part One—An Unfortunate Meeting

Part Two—The Gentleman Caller

Part Three—A Propitious Return

Part Four—An Evening’s Embarrassment

Part Five—The Apologetic Suitor

Martin & Amanda

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