Triple Dees (Novellas & Novels)

Christina Hendricks

Writing fan fiction doesn’t mean you can’t tell a good story, or explore themes like the differences between men and women and the genesis of myth and archetype, or dig deeply into a character’s psyche.  Fan fiction provides a jumping-off point—the bare-bones of a character just waiting to be fleshed out, a sense of place and time that demands more detail, superficial relationships that can go much deeper.

I’ve found some big stories this way.  I liken it to writing a sonnet.  There’s form and structure that must be followed, but the content is pure creation.  There’s joy in following the rules, getting the history right, pulling details from different episodes of shows that steer the story or a character in a new direction.  For me, it’s challenging and freeing at the same time.

Click here to read about Callinda  (A Star Trek: Enterprise story).

Click here to read about The Case of the Fire Door  (A BBC Sherlock story).

Click here to read about Technical Consultant  (Original fiction with a hero much like Richard Armitage).

Click here to read about Timeless  (An Avengers/Captain America story).

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