The Next and (Probably) Last

Richard ArmitageI’ve posted the fourth and fifth chapters of Technical Consultant, my little story about bipolar author Carrie Severide and her fling as a technical consultant for actor Robert Bierce (a thinly disguised Richard Armitage).

I knew actually going to London and meeting Richard Armitage in the flesh would either kick new life into this story or kick it to the curb.  And I’m afraid it’s the latter.  My plan is to go back to an earlier idea about a bipolar heroine that is rooted firmly in reality—less fan-girl fantasy come true, more grit and hardship.  While I still love Technical Consultant for its Heaving Bosom potential, I want to do something else now.

Thanks to everyone who nagged me to keep writing this story.  I’m forever grateful for your interest and enthusiasm.  I hope these last two offerings are satisfactory.

To read Chapter 4: Out of the Frying Pan, click here.

To read Chapter 5: A Curious Roundtable, click here.

Or to start at the beginning with Chapter 1: An Unexpected Journey, click here.

Going Off-line

Richard ArmitageCarrie Severide and Robert Bierce’s story is at a cross-roads.  Or a divided highway.  Or maybe just a squeezy hedgehog trail in the bramble.  It’s time for me to follow all the false starts to see where these two want to go.  Time to write the rest of this shitty first draft off-line.

I thought this might happen, and I apologize for teasing some of you with the first three chapters then leaving you stranded.  My intention is to finish this draft quickly, in the most shitty manner possible, then tackle the second draft directly.  Like Michelangelo said when asked how he carved David, “It’s easy.  You just chip away the stone that doesn’t look like David.”

Not that I’m Michelangelo.  

Not that this story is a masterpiece.  

But the principle is the same.  I’ve got some chiseling to do.

And not that I want to tease anyone else who might be wandering by, but there are three chapters here to read.  Sorry.  I can’t help myself.

Do not fall down the rabbit hole by reading the first chapter of Technical Consultant—An Unexpected Journey. 

Don’t.  Really.

The Next Chapter

Richard ArmitageI’ve posted the third chapter of Technical Consultant.  Carrie Severide’s on her way to England and, of course, all is not well.

To read Chapter 3—A Warm Welcome, click here.

Or to start at the beginning with Chapter 1—An Unexpected Journey, click here.

For folks here in the States, here’s wishing you tons to be grateful for in the year to come.  And to my overseas friends, I give thanks every day for you.

The Next Chapter

Richard ArmitageI’ve posted the second chapter of Carrie Severide’s story.  Bipolar disorder can make the simplest acts impossible or bridge a chasm no one in their right mind would cross.  Carrie faces both as she’s not seen the last of Robert Bierce.

For fun, I’m using chapter titles from Tolkein’s works.   A wink at The Hobbit connection.

To read Technical Consultant—Many Partings, click here.

To start with Chapter One—An Unexpected Journey, click here.

A New Short Story

Richard ArmitageI firmly believe that if we decide to write, we ought to please ourselves first.  If we don’t write the stories we want to read, what’s the point?

That’s my justification for this piece.

A while ago I dreamed I was on Oprah, promoting my bestselling memoir.  At the time, I felt buried by all the work the project demanded, so this little dream was a lovely respite from all that drudgery.  Better still, Richard Armitage (aka Thorin Oakenshield of The Hobbit) appeared and hired me to be his technical consultant.  He was preparing to play a bipolar character and needed my expertise.

Sometimes the subconscious throws me a bone—a little eye candy, a little romance, a little magic—to take the sting out of real life.  That dream stuck with me.  I’d pull it out when I was feeling low and add to it.

Then, I started taking it seriously.  Once my memoir is finished, I’ve always planned to write a novel with a bipolar heroine.  This story seemed like a good starting point.  At least it could be  good practice.

So, here’s the first installment.  There may be more.  Names have been changed, but I know I’m not fooling anyone.

To read Technical Consultant—An Unexpected Journey, click here.

Another “Avengers” Short

This short closes an arc for Steve Rogers and Amy Coulson (aka. Captain America and the “new” Agent Coulson).  Will their efforts to unite the Team pay off?  And can two kids from Brooklyn cross seventy years to make a relationship work?

To read Risky Business, click here.

To start at the beginning of their story, read Timeless.

One More “Captain America” Short

These shorts about Cap and Agent Coulson’s niece, Amy, feel more like chapters in a longer piece than short stories that stand on their own.  Oh, well.  I think there’s one more to come that will finish off their arc.

To read Easy, click here.

To read the first chapter of this little sage, click here.

A “Firefly” Short

Nathan Fillion, Malcolm Reynolds, Serenity, FireflyAfter watching my old Firefly DVDs this past week, I pulled out a bit of story started a couple of years ago and dusted it off.  It’s just a snapshot, a few scenes that may or may not lead to a real story someday.  Truth is, I like these characters so much I just wanted a chance to play with them again.

To read Pillar of Light, click here.

More Fun with Steve and Amy

Steve Rogers, aka Captain America, and SHIELD agent Amy Coulson are back in New York, trying to figure out what the heck they’re supposed to be doing.  Everyone’s got an opinion.

Nobody’s Grandpa is the fourth installment of their on-going adventures.  But it won’t make much sense unless you start at the beginning.  Even then it won’t make sense unless you’ve seen the movie The Avengers.  If you missed it this summer, it should be out on DVD any time now.

Part Three of a “Captain America” Trilogy

This completes Cap and Amy’s first foray.  Like the Avengers themselves, these two will return with further adventures.

To read the Third Act of their story, In the Desert, click here.

To read the First Act, Timeless, click here.

For Act Two, Primrose, click here.

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