30 Days of Sandy Sue Altered: 30

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Mysic Hero


The Real Thing


Two Lovers


Zora Neale Hurston


Blessed Force


Sagittarius Creature


Thus ends my self-aggrandizing blog challenge.  Thanks for helping me dust off some older creations in computer-file limbo and giving them a little stage-time.

On with the Adventure…

Happy Birthday, Aquarians

Aquarius Opinions


Astrologically Speaking

I’m working on a custom card order for an old friend—a card for each of the zodiac signs with pithy captions.  I’ve done zodiac cards before.  One batch happened when I ran across a list of traits in an ancient Good Housekeeping and wanted to match them with my funky, Teesha Moore rubber stamps.

handmade card, collage art

Another batch happened when this first series started to sell out.  I was deep into technique at the time and wanted to try a bunch of things.

Leo 2

But, for this new set I need to do some research.  I’m not an astrologer (even though it fascinates me), so I can’t be pithy about a particular sun sign’s foibles unless I know what they are.

I took an introductory class back in October from another friend who is an astrologer and learned enough to get a headache.  The variables seemed endless, convoluted—the pull and influence of all those heavenly bodies swirling around each other in time and space.  It’s a lifetime commitment to study that stuff, and I admire my friend’s scientific mastery of it.

Instead, I’m surfing websites and Pinterest, taking notes and printing out other people’s hard work.  It simmers in my hindbrain.  As I drift between wakefulness and sleep, a perfect image sometimes percolates to the surface.  It will all rise eventually.  It always does.

In the meantime, I’m enjoying little sparks of possibility and delight as I surf.  It could just be that I’m seeing lots of light at the end of my pneumonia/thrush/pajama pants tunnel.  Taking out the trash seems weighty with potential at the moment.

This particular meme made me laugh out loud as I’ve been sort of ruthlessly teasing a fellow blogger about his Scorpio-ness without really knowing what I was talking about.

Confirmation is a dish best served with sarcasm.

This one’s for you, David.


Happy Birthday, Aries

Aries 2, homemade greeting card, collage art, zodiac


To my extraordinarily exciting Aries friends—  May your spirited sense of adventure charm your way through every door.


handmade greeting cards, collage art, zodiac, Pisces

Happy Birthday to my Pisces buddies.

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