May Day, 2020

Today Oklahoma started lifting restrictions.

It seems too soon, especially when the stats on new cases caused by the coronavirus haven’t slowed down here. And I understand that Oklahoma is a poor state with little margin for economic disaster.

I went to the Department of Health’s website to read the reopening plan.  It sounds reasonable, but who knows if all the conditions have been met to start the process.  They are vague enough to fudge.

It’s a beautiful day here—sunny and cool with a breeze.  I noticed more traffic on the streets as I drove to the post office.  The neon OPEN signs blazed in the beauty salons.  At least twenty cars parked outside Hobby Lobby.

I can only hope that everyone—businesses and private citizens—continue with their safety measures and keep their heads in the real world.  It’s not a time to ride the Denial Train.

I guess we’ll see how this worked after the two week incubation period.  Here’s hoping the only spike will be in the iced tea Janna gives me through the Harmony House drive-up window.


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  1. Catherine Cheng, MD
    May 01, 2020 @ 16:45:30

    “I can only hope that everyone—businesses and private citizens—continue with their safety measures and keep their heads in the real world. It’s not a time to ride the Denial Train.”

    Sing it, sister! We must reopen the economy; COVID will be with us for many months yet. So we can exercise our creativity and do it in the safest, healthiest *possible* way, which will take collective cooperation, patience, and flexibility. And, as we all know, adults are often no wiser than toddlers–sometimes you have to stick your hand actually in the fire to really learn (again) that it will burn you. So we can prepare for the resurgence (my colleagues and I all anticipate it) and deal with it as best we can when it comes. If it doesn’t come, then we can celebrate! Maybe we’re better than toddlers after all! 😀


  2. Kiki
    May 02, 2020 @ 01:55:45

    I’m just afraid that not everybody is as considerate as you….. it surely IS too early!


  3. Writer Lori
    May 02, 2020 @ 04:57:41

    Things are beginning to reopen here in Florida as well, albeit with restrictions. I, too, am nervous and not convinced that we have the requisite measures in place to allow us to do this safely. I’ve just decided that *I* will take a measured approach to returning to ‘life as usual.’ Stay safe, Sandy!


  4. Littlesundog
    May 02, 2020 @ 05:25:12

    I think it’s too early too, but between those who are itching to get out and those who can’t survive economically, it was push come to shove. I have a feeling opening everything too early will have catastrophic results, and it won’t take long to see it happen. All we can do is the best for ourselves. Hang in there!


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