The Weekly Penny Positive


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  1. Writer Lori
    Sep 22, 2019 @ 07:42:09

    At the top of my lungs, dear Sandy!


  2. Kiki
    Sep 22, 2019 @ 15:43:55

    Did he REALLY utter something like that? I wouldn’t have thought so. Great collageè


  3. Kiki
    Sep 23, 2019 @ 13:06:08

    Sandy, you brought me into a spin with that! Do you know that Voltaire coined well over several thousands quoteworthy citations? But you WERE RIGHT – I found it, after some clever (pats her shoulder!) searching the internet. The original was:
    La vie est un naufrage, mais nous ne devons pas oublier de chanter dans les canots de sauvetage. — Voltaire
    So there you go – you WERE right and I shouldn’t have doubted you. I can only say in my defense that he usually came across as less ‘hands on’ and more philosophical.
    And it’s such a timely quote too: We ALL are sitting in a boat, bumbling on the ocean of our life, not very able to steer our boat and so maybe it IS best to sing to scare the demons away 😉


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