A New Short Story

Richard ArmitageI firmly believe that if we decide to write, we ought to please ourselves first.  If we don’t write the stories we want to read, what’s the point?

That’s my justification for this piece.

A while ago I dreamed I was on Oprah, promoting my bestselling memoir.  At the time, I felt buried by all the work the project demanded, so this little dream was a lovely respite from all that drudgery.  Better still, Richard Armitage (aka Thorin Oakenshield of The Hobbit) appeared and hired me to be his technical consultant.  He was preparing to play a bipolar character and needed my expertise.

Sometimes the subconscious throws me a bone—a little eye candy, a little romance, a little magic—to take the sting out of real life.  That dream stuck with me.  I’d pull it out when I was feeling low and add to it.

Then, I started taking it seriously.  Once my memoir is finished, I’ve always planned to write a novel with a bipolar heroine.  This story seemed like a good starting point.  At least it could be  good practice.

So, here’s the first installment.  There may be more.  Names have been changed, but I know I’m not fooling anyone.

To read Technical Consultant—An Unexpected Journey, click here.

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Littlesundog
    Jun 10, 2013 @ 14:48:45

    I hope there is more of this… I truly enjoyed it! Nicely done, Sandy!


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