I Gotta Be Meme

While I wait for my sister to pick me up and start our family trek to Oklahoma (to visit more family), I thought I’d clear out my email and blog notifications.  Stevil shared a meme that looked like fun.  I’ve tried to pass meme’s like this on, but not many people bite.  That’s okay.  I’ll just natter here, and if you’d like to natter forward, so to speak, feel free.

Here are the questions Stevil posed:

•God exists. Yes or no?  I say “Sort of.”  I believe there is a unifying force in the Universe, but I can’t really buy the idea that it is aware of me individually or gives a rat’s ass about my wellbeing.

•Religion. Source of good over history, or not?  Religion gave the ancients a code of conduct and a way to explore their creation story.  But once humans figured out they could dominate and control others with it, all the goodie bled out.

•Mt Rushmore. Who belongs there the most? the least? If you could add another head, who would it be?  I mean, Teddy Roosevelt?  Really?  I’m voting for Morgan Freeman.

•Adult beverage. Beer? Wine? or Cocktail?  Since I stopped drinking alcohol when I was on psych meds, none of these appeal to me much anymore.  Remember Squirt?  I’d love a Squirt.

•Extraterrestrial life. Yes or no? Is there intelligence out there?  Absolutely yes.  They were here long ago, but like Don Henley sings, it’s not likely they’ll be back.


•Mea culpa. Who is the person, living or dead, that you’d most like to apologize to?  I’ve made amends as best I can to my throng of living victims.  And the dead already know I’m sorry.

•Favorite vacation. Beach chair, ski slope, foreign city, theme park, natural wonder, or visit with family?  Definitely a foreign natural wonder—like a nice Irish pub where I could sing with the crowd.

•Meat. Love it? Won’t eat it? Eat it, but feel sort of guilty about it sometimes?  I grew up a meat-n-potatoes gal, but I’m a vegan now.  Don’t miss it a bit, which seems so weird.  But, my body thanks me.

•Sports. Die hard fan, or don’t care?  Olympic movie reviewing—I’m hip with that.

•Music. What is your favorite instrument to play, or would you like to play?  I played the saxophone through school—really grooved on marching band—and I played the piano for a long time.  I’d love to learn the hammer dulcimer.  Or get a voice teacher and really use my own pipes.

•The future. Optimistic about it?  My feeling is it will get a lot worse before it gets better.  Human nature seems to be to let things slide until a crisis happens, then clean up the mess.  I also believe the earth will protect itself.  If we muck her up too much, she’ll just shiver and blow all the irritants off her skin.  Kinda sucks for us, but in the long view, better for the planet.

8 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Fork in My Eye
    Oct 26, 2012 @ 08:15:35

    I’m currently avoiding everything I should be doing today and this looks like a great way to do that. So here goes:

    1. God – I’ll go with “maybe.” Don’t have enough evidence either way. I never bought the traditional Christian stuff I was raised with. Most other organized religions don’t seem any more likely. The more I learn about science, though, the more I wonder if there’s something behind the laws of physics or how that first single-cell became alive. No way to know though.

    2. Religion – Bad. I think more people have died or suffered (and still are) in the name of “God” than have been helped.

    3. Mt. Rushmore – I love your Morgan Freeman answer. Personally, I’d probably go with nobody. I think Mt. Rushmore probably looked just fine before it was defaced. (Ha. Or would that be “faced?” )

    4. Libation – Beer of course. But more than one makes me sleepy these days so not much fun there.

    5. ET life – absolutely. Even before I heard of the Drake equation.

    6. Mea culpa – Like you, I’ve made my apologies and the dead are past caring.

    7. Vacation – Good shelling beach but must be deserted.. That’s why I prefer to go in winter or off season.

    8. Meat – Like you, I’m vegan now. I don’t miss the meat at all, but the dairy is killing me. I have a cheat day once a week so I can indulge in cheese and/or ice cream.

    9. Sports – Played softball and soccer when I was a kid and loved it. Never really got the appeal of watching sports.

    10. Musical Instrument – would like to learn to play guitar so I can learn all of John Denver’s songs.

    11. Future – When you push nature too far, it will push back. Never been an optimist but nihilism doesn’t pay off well. I gave it up for my kids’ sake. I try to teach them that it’s not too late and every person can make a difference.


  2. Moss Piglet
    Oct 26, 2012 @ 13:06:37

    Oklahoma! The corn is as high as an elephants eye, La La La La La La La La La La La Laaa Our Scottish home went CRAZY for the Musical & I shall be singing and dancing all night…Take photos! I have high expectations of what Oklahoma looks like and the lovely clothes y’all are wearing as you travel in th Surrey with the fringe on top…Cool…Ooooh and take a photo ol’ Judd Fry’s grave for Halowween…


  3. pegoleg
    Oct 26, 2012 @ 16:04:57

    Interesting questions and answers. I actually did #7 – wrote about it when I started blogging as a travelogue for my family (it’s in “Ireland” on my blog Categories if you have a spare hour to read, Sandy.) What fun!


    • Sandy Sue
      Oct 31, 2012 @ 05:06:29

      I had planned to go with my friends one summer, but that was the year my life blew up. I was heart-broken as well as brain-broken, but maybe another opportunity will present itself. One can always dream.


  4. stevebetz
    Oct 28, 2012 @ 16:25:02

    Great answers — loved your take on religion. Bonus points for including a musical track as part of your answer. 🙂


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