Amazed in Blogland

Yesterday was a first for me.  Someone reblogged my post to their own blog.  I didn’t know whether to be flattered or run to the teacher and tattle.  So, I zipped over to this rapscallion’s site to see what was going on.

Well, for Heaven’s Sake.  Ian Reese is from Mumbles, South Wales.  I could not have made that up on my best writing day.  His motto is Nid bod ond byw, which is Welsh for Not existing, but living.

The more I explored his blog(s), the more perplexed I became.  This young man writes mostly thoughtful political commentary about what’s going on in Britain, or posts wonderful photography.  How the heck did my little post on searching for the ultimate coffee shop fit his gestalt?  And how in the world did he find me in the first place?

Sometimes this blogging business feels like the ultimate in serendipity.  Social Media meets the Laws of Attraction and Karma.  You get what you put out into the world.  What goes around, comes around.  Toss a bit of your soul into the vasty, cyber seas and it comes back in a bottle made of diamonds.

The people I’ve met by keeping this public journal are deep and wide, soulful, striving, loving human beings who shock my socks off every single day.  Even old friends and members of my family reveal parts of themselves here that are surprising and tender.  What a miracle to connect with such beauty!  What a miracle to be found, stumbled over in the electronic dark, by minds and hearts so open and giving.

Ian, if you’re out there, buddy, I thank you for this amazing gift.  And I promise to keep on living, not just existing.

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  1. Fiddle gal
    Nov 29, 2011 @ 08:22:30

    LIfe is so interesting! Thanks for reminding me.


  2. pegoleg
    Nov 29, 2011 @ 09:16:21

    So, how did you end up viewing this – flattered by being quoted, or highly outraged by plagiarism?


    • Sandy Sue
      Nov 29, 2011 @ 12:04:25

      Flattered. He only posted an exerpt with his own comment and linked back to my blog. Has this happened to you, O Previously Freshly Pressed One?


      • pegoleg
        Nov 29, 2011 @ 13:06:14

        It has but, like you, I didn’t know what a pingback was at the time. I got a request to approve a comment that looked like a regurgatation of my post and thought, “what the…?”

      • Sandy Sue
        Nov 29, 2011 @ 19:54:53

        so, help me out here. Are you supposed to approve those? What happens when you do that? What happens if you don’t? I’m so clueless.

  3. Kathryn McCullough
    Nov 29, 2011 @ 09:38:29

    The blogosphere is one weird world. I’ve had similar things happen, I didn’t know how to respond either. Did you get a pingback? I suppose he gave you credit and linked back to you, right? DId he repost the entire thing? I say, if it brings you readers, great. You might ask him in the future to post an exerpt with a link back to your blog, if readers want to look at the rest.



    • Sandy Sue
      Nov 29, 2011 @ 12:02:17

      Yeah, see, I don’t even get what a ping is. I’ve gotten them before, usually when I link to something else in my own blog. Makes me fee like such a Luddite! But, yes, Ian gave me credit and linked back to my blog.


  4. Sheryl Mae
    Nov 29, 2011 @ 13:13:58

    Isn’t the cyberworld truly amazing? Pings, links, readers in foreign lands – wonder what’s next? Maybe someone in an alter universe will ping back! Just imagine!


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