30 Days of Gratitude: Day 27

I grew up with a Carnegie library—beautiful, but tiny.  While I lived in Minnesota, renovations made the old library handicap accessible.  Later, it sprouted a modern edition.  But, the old work horse just couldn’t keep pace with the coming 21st century and the demands of a town growing more and more multi-lingual.

The new public library opened a couple of years after I’d moved back to town.  It won awards for its green design.  Natural prairie grows on the boulevard instead of the standard lawn (much to the disgust of farmers who spent years spraying their fields to kill those native plants).  The stacks, the public computers, the children’s section, the meeting and study rooms all sit on one floor instead of the maze of half-floors and spiral staircases of the old library.  It’s light and airy with endless windows and lots of comfy furniture for study or relaxation with a good magazine.

I live a block away and go there all the time.  As a former bookstore manager and bibliophile, the new library helped me transition from book buyer to book borrower now that books are no longer in my budget.  And as someone with a reading disability, I appreciate the freedom to check books out that look good, but end up being too difficult.  I can just take them back and try others.  And if I hear about a book our library doesn’t have, I can request a loan from our sister libraries across the state.  Sometimes, the services seem too good to be true.

If you haven’t been to your local library in a while, go.  You’ll be surprised at what you’re missing.  And like every other government service, the libraries are in danger of disappearing.  Don’t let that happen.  Books open minds, and those minds are our future.

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  1. Kathryn McCullough
    Aug 15, 2011 @ 18:48:19

    Yes, thank God for libraries! Talk about a priceless asset for a community! I’m kind of sorry this series is coming to a close soon. I hope you’ll consider doing more gratitude posts from time to time————-


    • Sandy Sue
      Aug 16, 2011 @ 06:56:27

      Aren’t you the sweetest thing. Actually, I think focusing on gratitude may have helped sustain the long even spell I enjoyed this summer. (Maybe not, but it’s pretty to think so.) I’m not sure how I’ll incorporate it, but gratitude will definitely be a permanent part of my blog.


  2. pegoleg
    Aug 16, 2011 @ 09:00:39

    Libraries are treasures, aren’t they? In my old wandering days, I would get my library card as soon as I had a power bill to prove my address. Now that I’ve lived in one place for 25 years, I am on terms of varying intimacy with 5 libraries around me.

    I love the inter-library loan program, but am just waiting for that to disappear – it must cost a fortune for them to truck in a book for me from 60 miles away.


  3. strugglingwithbipolar
    Aug 16, 2011 @ 12:28:57

    I have enjoyed reading your 30 days of gratitude and I will be sad to see the end of it.

    I’m also a frequent visitor to my library. Often, I find books in the database, request them, and just pick them up. Otherwise, I go raid the mystery section when I’m there. We have a Carnegie library here, but it was also too small so they opened 2 additional satellite locations. The other thing I do is swap books. It’s the only other way I can afford to read new things.


    • Sandy Sue
      Aug 16, 2011 @ 19:06:00

      Thanks for your support, Kat.
      Swapping is a great way to get new-to-you books. I love swapping with my friend, Deb. She’s definitely a bookaholic, so I benefit greatly from her addiction!


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