Training Checklist: Strength and Stamina

The first couple days of my Bipolar Bad-Ass Training produced incredible results.  I’m hobbling, my stomach growls, but by God!  I’m Xena-esque in my steely resolve.  In my previous post, I noted the importance of eating to sustain the body instead of Super-sizing it.  The next item on my list is to tone the body.  All training camps require physical conditioning, even Bipolar Bad-Ass Training.  Maybe, especially, BBT.

During episodes of my illness, sometimes taking a shower is all the exercise I can manage.  I usually get to my water aerobic classes, but when those bad days come, I tend to just splash around.  I figure any movement is a plus.  If I flip the other way into hypomania, the anxiety can be just as debilitating.  I can feel my body heading south.  I get weaker, stiffer.  Pounds start creeping on.  So, when the episodes pass, I need to do damage control and prepare for the next attack.  The stronger I am going in, the stronger I’ll be coming out.  I’m seeing that BBT is what I’ve needed all these years, but was either too sick, too defeated, or too doped to figure out.

So, I’m working the water classes as hard as I can.  I’m back to riding the recumbent bike and following my program on the Y’s weight machines.  As a woman of substance, I have no illusions of becoming a Hard Body, but I can get stronger and increase my stamina.  Surviving bipolar disorder requires resilience, flexibility and a body healthy enough to withstand days or weeks of neglect.  This Bad-Ass plans to make it happen.

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  1. strugglingwithbipolar
    Apr 22, 2011 @ 08:47:49

    As a fellow individual with bipolar disorder, I must say that I agree. We must maintain physical stamina as best we can between episodes. I applaud you for working really hard in the water classes.


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