Losing His mindI’m having one of those twitchy days.  It started with an unsettling dream about two friends, then moved on to wondrous, artsy discoveries online.  It’s been back and forth like that all day.  I spent several hours at my kitchen table (the Sandy Sue Studio), mounting itty bitty alphabet rubber stamps onto smidgens of wood dowels (Gorilla glue is not the best adhesive for this, I discovered.).  The Loreena McKinnett CD I thought I’d lost magically appeared and filled the apartment with Celtic mysterioso.  I turned on Fellowship of the Ring, but couldn’t sit still long enough to watch it.  Emmett, squirrelly-nervous-cat, exposed his belly and actually let me scritch it for a bit.  All my clothes started to feel too tight.

In the back of my mind, klaxons are blaring.  Mood swing imminent!  Battle Stations! Maybe it’s just the change in barometric pressure as thunderstorms creep in from the west.  Maybe I’m finally shaking off the bronchitis and this is what health feels like when it flows back in.  Maybe that third cup of coffee this morning was one too many.  I can only hope.  If these jim-jams are a harbinger of a downward swing, I want to take a deep breath and soften into it.  My initial response is always to resist, fight back, run or, worse yet, add to the coming storm by cursing my DNA and wailing WHY? I’ve enjoyed a long spell of Clear Mind and Tranquil Mood in spite of being physically sick.  I want to acknowledge that and offer up my thanks to the Creative Force of the Universe.  Nothing lasts forever.

I learned a new and juicy word today.  Execrable: Hateful, loathsome, abhorrent. It sounds like something Patrick Stewart would say.  I love it.

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  1. bad jones rising
    Apr 03, 2011 @ 16:20:39

    gorilla glue is only good for one thing love, making a mess. 🙂


  2. strugglingwithbipolar
    Apr 03, 2011 @ 18:28:21

    I hope that this is not the signal of a major mood swing and that it was the coffee. I know that too much caffeine causes huge issues for me – especially with my anxiety.

    I love the reference to Patrick Stewart. 🙂


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