The Naguals—Unhooking from the Dream

Welcome to the final session of our work with the Toltec teachings.

If you’re joining us for the first time, please read the five previous posts first:  The Naguals—Dreaming, The Naguals—Personal Power, The Naguals—Become Impeccable, The Naguals—Self-Importance, and The Naguals—Death as an Advisor before continuing.  Again, this psycho-spiritual work is intense.  Challenging our core beliefs and breaking with routine create fear and anxiety in all human beings.

If you are currently suffering from a bipolar or psychotic episode, or if you are experiencing anxiety, please save this work for a more stable time.

There is no future.  The future is only a way of talking.  For a sorcerer there is only the here and now.—Don Juan

Erasing Personal History has magical possibilities.  Don’t heal the past. Don’t overcome it.  Erase it.  We don’t erase the events, but our relationship to them that shows up in our behavior, way of being, and way of living.  Whatever was true 20 years ago is no longer true, but we hold on to the ghost of it in our mind.  We resist life.  Resistance comes from our belief that we are incapable of acting outside the inventory of our past.  Family and friends strengthen this resistance by forbidding us to act outside our history.  If we become a mystery to those around us and to ourselves, our ego breaks down as our reality breaks open.

It is not advisable to focus on past events.  The average man measures himself against the past, whether his personal past or the past knowledge of his time, in order to find justifications for his present or future behavior, or to establish a model for himself.—Don Juan


For all of our life we have carried a corpse with us.  That corpse is what we believe we are.—Don Miguel

The Third Agreement—Don’t Make Assumptions

The fog of our Dream causes us to misinterpret and misunderstand everything.  We make assumptions based on our fantasies.  The problem is we believe they’re true, then take it personally.  Assumptions are formed instantaneously, because we’ve agreed to communicate this way.  Asking questions isn’t safe.  If people love us, they should know what we want or feel.  After all, we share the world view.  All our Drama is based on taking personally all the assumptions we make.  Not making assumptions requires us to ask questions, be clear about what we want and need.  Our word becomes impeccable.

As we finish our work with the Naguals, take a moment and tune into to your sense of self.  As you breathe, notice your energy, your emotional state, your personal power.  Step back from any idle thoughts.  Remember that you are a spiritual warrior with the power to unhook from the World Dream by being impeccable with your word, by always doing your best, by never taking anything personally and by never making assumptions.  Practice living in the present and keeping Death close as an advisor.  Stalk yourself as you would prey, alert for the signs of falling back to sleep.

By using the Four Agreements in our own life, we modify our personal dream, and soon our new dream will modify the outside dream.  There is no need to actively try to modify the outside dream.  This happens naturally as a result of our own transformation.  Deciding to focus on freedom isn’t selfish; it is the greatest gift we can give to humanity.—Don Miguel


What’s the one past event you use to define yourself?  How does that corpse hold you back from living in the present?

Imagine going to a party and not talking about yourself.  How would you field questions about who you are, what you do?

Jot down some of the assumptions you have about the people who read this blog.  Be honest with yourself.  How have you taken these assumptions personally?  How have your assumptions effected your comments, how often you visit the blog, visits to other blogs?  How have your assumptions contributed to your internal Drama?  Which of these assumptions would you like to vaporize?  Post questions in your comments that will do that.

Non Journaling Homework

Don’t automatically reveal everything you do to other people (put your ego in the back seat).  Avoid explainingwhat you do and tactfully refuse inquiries.

If you feel yourself making assumptions, stop, acknowledge the assumption, then ask questions.

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