Dreaming: The Collage

In my March 15 post, Dreaming, I made a commitment to spending time with five of my dreams.  Those dreams were spending a month in the desert, getting a new Toyota Rav4, making art/writing every day, going back to school for my Masters in psychology, and going to Teesha Moore’s Art Camp.  I pulled gleans from magazines that carried the energy of those dreams and slapped up a quick collage.  Here’s the result.

This feels like a big, colorful affirmation.  I’ll pin it to my bedroom door where more dreaming energy can boost its transmission into the Void.

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  1. strugglingwithbipolar
    Mar 27, 2011 @ 19:29:55

    I like that you are going to put this on your bedroom door. I think it would motivate me to have my dreams in such lively color. I guess I’d need to figure out what they were first. LOL. I think I want to work with children and I want to be a mom. Perhaps, I could actually make something that shows these images.


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