Column of Gold

The last few days have passed without drama, without the itch of wanting or the earwig of compulsion.  I see the chores that need to be done, and do them.  I mingle with people at the coffee shop with ease and grace, wit and thoughtfulness.  I enter conversations with full, round thoughts that have beginnings and endings.  I listen to my friends without needing to insert myself into their stories.  The novel I’m rewriting opens up like a daffodil.  The collage I’m working on works on me instead.  Irritations, worries, fears buzz in, light, then buzz out.  I have no desire to hold onto them.

In this moment, I am whole, balanced, complete.  I have everything I need.  I am everything I need.  I must remember.



Column of Gold

Beside the well the sycamore rises.  Beside the well bright cornflowers grow.  Do they rise on their tender stalks by will or does some force of love mold them, drive them up?  In the seed lies the will to become and the greater will gives form.  The power of the green shoot parts the earth.  The water in the well is nourishing.

I rise.  My spine is of bone, sinew and flesh.  I am a man desirous of life.  I will dance, harvest corn and make children.  I will make my peace with earth.  I shine.  The power of gods courses through me and makes of my backbone a column of gold.  I am the flower on its stalk, the budding of sycamore branches.  I am the pillar on which the balance of life is weighed.  Oh! my heart beats with joy; my life is golden as the humming of bees.

I live for a time and pass away, but the column of gold will stand.  The powers of gods shape us, and those who give themselves not to its will, grow twisted, bent and stunted.  It is easier to live in the light of the great will, to love than to grow in the shadows of self imaginings.  As the gods will, so grows the universe.

I rise.

I am a column of gold, eternal, at peace, in harmony.


From Awakening Osiris: The Egyptian book of the Dead, translated by Normandi Ellis

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. erbdex
    Mar 23, 2011 @ 16:49:53

    Very Very Beautiful.

    Thanks for sharing.


  2. strugglingwithbipolar
    Mar 23, 2011 @ 18:40:17

    Very beautiful. I’ve never read the book that the passage comes from, but I just may have to now.


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